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“If your gym doesn’t challenge you,
it doesn’t change you”
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About Us

Because your fitness should be as unique… as you are!

At MG, we have been innovating since 2010 in the field of fitness and wellness by creating Exclusive Training Studios (Athens, Arachova) with state of the art facilities and specialized workout. Our main goal is to promote well-being and healthy exercise as a way of life.
We manage to combine the personality and the needs of the individual with our cutting edge equipment, through custom made programs by our certified personal trainers.
Our fitness & wellness programs are tailor-made to today’s needs. Each program is unique in its capabilities and is designed to easily fit into your lifestyle. This helps you to achieve your goals in a shorter period of time and with the alternatives we propose we help you to expand your limits.
Let us help you achieve your goals, relax, stay fit and have fun, through an entirely personalized fitness or wellness program.

Be one of us!


Group Personal

Specialized training under the supervision of a personal trainer, tailored to the level of each trainee and focusing on the needs of each member individually in a small group of athletes, achieving maximum results. Groups up to 8 people.

Exclusive Group Personal

Each athlete has their own personal training program and with the help of experienced personal trainers. The trainings reach the standards of an individual training giving you goals, motivation and knowledge to reach the level you desire. Groups up to 4 people.

Personal Training

Your Personal Trainer designs each stage of your training according to your personal needs. With a targeted workout plan tailored to your personal needs and goals. Live the experience of Personal Training.


Discover the innovative EMS training. This revolutionary training method is ideal for keeping you fit in the shortest possible time. 20 minutes is enough since it is equivalent to 3 hours of regular training.


Exercise method that keeps the body in excellent physical condition, based on a system of stretching and strengthening exercises. With Pilates the body is transformed into a healthy and harmonious silhouette.

Outdoor Training

Studies have shown that physical activity outdoors reduces stress and heart rate. As a result, outdoor exercise is less intense for the body than similar indoor exercise, so, in turn, pushes you closer to maximum performance.


The beauty of yoga is unique. It addresses everyone irrespective of age, body type and level of exercise, yoga has the power to calm the mind and spirit, to strengthen the body and enhance breathing..

Fit Box

Specialized cardiopulmonary exercise program using mixed martial arts styles for fat loss and improved fitness. It is a specialized training that combines aerobic exercise with martial arts.

Recovery Programs

Exercise is beneficial to everyone, regardless of abilities or health status. Whether you suffer from arthritis or back pain, have recently undergone surgery or if you want to recover from a fracture, our rehabilitation training will help you feel healthy again.

Wellness Programs

A completely bespoke experience! Summer or Winter

Explore scenic Greece from its pristine beaches and its magnificent mountains… to your heart’s content while we take care of your wellness either in a Villa, Chalet, Hotel or a Yacht vacation.
We are the highly skilled and qualified team you need to be your guide along with your vacations to relaxation.
From yoga and fitness to hiking and FitBox and from alternative therapies to EMS training, our extensive network of experienced wellness professionals will offer you exclusive services and expert advice.




Since only you know what works best for you, we will listen to your needs and we will plan your very own, unique program, hassle-free, from beginning to end. You simply have to relax and enjoy.
MG wellness programs are about getting away from the stresses, responsibilities and mad rush of daily life and letting the mind quiet down from its daily routine.

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